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Selected quotes from
"Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volume 2"

by Jane Roberts

Amber Allen © 1997, Softcover

"The genetic systems is not closed, therefore. The genes do not simply hold information without any reference to the body’s living system. It does not exist, then -- the genetic structure -- like some highly complicated mechanism already programmed, started and functioning blindly so that once it is set into operation there is no chance for modification."
Session 910, Page 314

"That is, the reasoning mind as you have used it considers that only reasoning creatures are capable of understanding life’s values. Other forms of life have almost seemed beside the point, their value considered only insofar as they were of service to man."
Session 910, Page 317

"A scientist who would threaten the very survival of life on the planet in order to increase life’s conveniences, however, truly displaying ludicrous behavior (with irony)."
Session 914, Page 347

"All appearances of time, and all experience of it, must be psychological."
Session 916, Page 358

"Your imaginations have always helped you form your civilizations, your arts and your sciences, and when they are united with your reasoning processes they can bring you knowledge about the universe and your places in it that you can receive in no other fashion."
Session 916, Page 360

"The planet has seen many changes. It has appeared and disappeared many times. It flickers off and on -- but because of the intervals of your attention each on period seems to last for millions of years, of course, while at other levels the earth is like a firefly, flickering off and on."
Session 918, Page 368

"Master events may end up translated through mythology, or religion or art, or the effects may actually serve to give a framework to an entire civilization...(As indeed occurred with Christianity...)"
Session 919, Page 373

"Now the origin of the universe that you know, as I have described it, was of course a master event. The initial action did not occur in space or time, but formed space and time."
Session 919, Page 373

"You must look to the source of that experience. You must look not to space but to the source of space, not to time but to the source of time -- and most of all, you must look to the kind of consciousness that experiences space and time. You must look, therefore, to events that show themselves through historical action, but whose origins are elsewhere. None of this is really beyond your capabilities, as long as you try to enlarge your framework."
Session 919, Page 374

"..patterns that are, however, not as assimilated, or as smoothly operative as they are in the person you call normal. The patterns are seen in an exaggerated fashion, so that in some such cases at least you can gain glimpses of mental, emotional, and psychic processes that usually remain psychologically invisible beneath the more polished or "finished" social personality of the usual individual."
Session 920, Page 384

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