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Selected quotes from
"From The Heart of a Gentle Brother"

by Mary-Margaret Moore

The High Mesa Foundation  1985 Softcover

"If you wish to be a receiver and holder of this energy, please understand your end of the commitment. It is simply this: to watch yourself constantly, with detached observation - to see what illumines you, and to see what deadens you. "
Page 1

"You have the opportunity of using yourself as an ongiong, conscious receptor of this power. You can be the receptor by sending out the call constantly: "Fill me, make me whole. Do whatever transmutation this body needs to have done to make me alive and aware. Help me. "
Page 2

""And if you can clarify what you really want for yourself once and for all, and keep that desire as a constant focus, you will receive what you seek. "
Page 2

"But in the last rounds of the incarnative cycle, the main commitment is not in working the material plane. The commitment is to yourself, to be aware and alive to yourself every day, and to bring into form, your inner truth. "
Page 3

"You are used to listening to the buzz oif the world, but now is the time to develop the inner ear that listens to the inner world. It is time to have a foot in each world, and it can be done. "
Page 4

"Before you entered this earth plane, you made a contract that, when you called for it, the power to make those changes would arrive. When you were ready to leave, the 'ship' would be there. "
Page 7

"You have been asking for a maximum explosion in your consciousness, and you have every right to believe it can happen when you look at the world as symbolic. "
Page 9

"You are powerful beings and have the ability to experience the reality of the 'foreground' and 'background' of who you are. The foreground, or front of your body, is very active, while the back of it is receptive to the Source. As you sit and experience this, you being to see you can activate both of them simultaneously, you do not have to jump from one to the other, and you can blend them moment by moment."
Page 11

"You have the idea that you live only out of the front part of your being. That is a lie. You are constantly being pushed from behind."
Page 11

"If you want to get yourself to a state of Freedom as quickly as possible, I suggest that you be very serious about what we have shared. Find out those things you know you have been doing in your thoughts, words, and deeds that are harmful to others. Then, without judgement, be responsible for the choices you make."
Page 13

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