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Selected quotes from
"I Come As A Brother"

by Mary-Margaret Moore

The High Mesa Foundation  1985 Softcover

"You now feel sexual energy as coming to you, or arising within you. There is also the possibility that one day you might see that it could also move in other directions, moving deeply inward. You could "ride" that power back to the Source."
Page 26

"Pay attention to your responses, your feelings, how the energy moves, how it liberates, where it is stuck, and what you want to do with it. If you are not present, you are lost and you have lost the teaching."
Page 26

"Just as you can sit in meditation, aware of the energy patterns as they move through you, thereby learning that those energies are not of the limited self, so will the awareness of sexual energy bring you in touch with it's 'triggering effect'."
Page 27

"When you awaken in the morning, before the drama of the day moves into your consciousness , be aware that the knowledge you seek is intuitively present."
Page 41

"And if, after an honest survey of your thoughts for two weeks, you still want to grind out the same petty thoughts, we have nothing to talk about. But if you honestly survey your thoughts with deep awareness, you will see yourself hurting others, trying to destroy their happiness and wishing them ill."
Page 58

"Some of you have been seeking the state of Enlightenment for lifetimes, and the depressing thing is, if you continue to have the idea that God is something other than Now, or what you are doing this moment, you will be at it many more lifetimes."
Page 63

"If you stop trying to become whatever it is you are trying to become and instead realize you are what you are, and this is the God-moment -- your struggle stops."
Page 64

"You need to quiet your mind. And that is all you need to do! The best way to quiet the mind is to be in the moment. Your mind cannot be agitated if you are present in the moment. If you are alive to this moment, alive to everything going on in it, you can't be ruminating over the past."
Page 67

"When you live in the moment, not budging one inch into the past or future, you will see your relationship to the world. Pain comes, you experience it. Pain goes. Emotion and thought come, you react, and then it goes. Your open and gentle observation of it all will begin to build a different power around you."
Page 69

"You cannot 'unthink' all the thoughts you want to get rid of. All you can do is stay so powerfully aware in the moment that a new force begins to impress itself upon you, just as that old force had been impressing on you."
Page 69

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