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Selected quotes from
"Jane Roberts: A View From The Other Side"

by Mary Maracek


"Disclaimer: I haven't decided for myself whether this material really could have been channeled from Jane. Mary could be communicating with Jane, or a higher being in Jane's entity that includes her personality, or something not involving Jane at all. It's hard to be certain. Here I present quotes from the book, some are quite good others suspect."
Page 0

"If we could have fully understood Seth's teachings we would not have chosen to leave Earth so early."
Page 3

"The most precious commodity you have on Earth is time."
Page 9

"Seth tried to teach us this process in our own life and we could have done much to heal our own body had we believed him and the process."
Page 11

"Masses of energy can be released or formed by a group who agree on intent."
Page 13

"Focus on the good, the just, and the funny."
Page 15

"Many are in the Seth conglomeration as we are, and we can tell you the Seth books are being read voraciously and study groups discuss them."
Page 16

"These new frequencies we are labeling ascension are effortless in the sense they are available like a ripe fruit ready to be plucked. If reaching for them requires too much effort you can wait and let them fall on your head. Either way is acceptable."
Page 21

"Like the coat, personality gets shed as frequency increases. That is why you may complain, "I'm a boring person; nobody likes me; I used to be more fun."
Page 24

"Taking a step out of time will allow you to either remember or to go to a time when your illness did not exist in this physical reality, at this particular moment in time."
Page 50

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