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Selected quotes from
"Neither This Nor That I Am"

by Jean Klein

Watkins © 1981 Jean Klein

"The world exists because you exist, but you are not the world. Objects of consciousness, names and forms, are the world. But reality, ever still, is beyond them. It is purely by reflex that you insist upon the name and form, and this reality escapes you."
Page 5

"When you act you are one with the action, it is only afterwards that the ego appropriates the act from which it was absent. But the ego s a thought just like any other and thus cannot possibly be its own creator."
Page 21

"The best way to bring a malfunction to an end on either the physical or psychological plane is to totally accept the perception we have of it. This does not mean accepting it morally, but actively. Acceptance is lucid, watchful awareness. It is this acceptance that brings about the cure. Seen from an "accepting" point of view; illness no longer has any substance, and the patient then has the greatest possible chance of getting better."
Page 24

"Acceptance means objectifying the sensation, not trying to escape it, dominate it or suppress it. In this total acceptance the body regains its health for it already knows health."
Page 25

"In pure sensation, the idea of being somebody just does not exist. There is no-one to judge nor condemn, no doer to intervene.
Perception is always closer to reality than the concept. More authentic, it allows the sensation to come fully to life. As when you pluck the string of a musical instrument, the vibration is first captured by the soundbox, then by the surroundings, and so on in succession.
In everyday life we rarely give sensations time to make themselves felt. We prematurely, intervene, conceptualizing and qualifying them. Perceptions and concepts cannot exist simultaneously and we tend to cut the perception short before it has fully flourished.
Page 29

"To accept, to take note, this is awareness. There is no other way of expressing it than this for memory does not intervene. Sometimes we come very near to this state when meditating, there are moments when we are silent awareness."
Page 31

"Sooner or later you will be attention, attention without objects. This would seem to have no meaning when talking of attention, for one is necessarily attentive towards something. But this attention is absolutely empty, it is not focused on an object, it is free of any memory."
Page 35

"The very instant thoughts and feelings arise you have not the slightest notion of being a person, the ego is totally absent. The ego itself is no more than a thought and two thoughts cannot take form simultaneously. Identification with the ego only comes into being once the thought concerning the object has subsided. Then it claims this thought as its own. Once this becomes obvious, you realize that the servitude you previously took to be real is but an illusion, your true nature transcends it."
Page 41

"Do not nourish the ideas you have built around yourself nor the image people have of you. Be neither someone nor something, just don't play the game. This will bring about being, constant awareness."
Page 42

"Observe the way your mind moves, works, without having any preconceived ideas about it. A moment will come when you discover yourself to be the witness. Subsequently, when all striving has left you, you will realize that you are the light shining beyond the observer. Reality is neither a product of the mind nor the result of a whole train of thoughts, it just is. The only method we can suggest is to observe impartially the way in which your mind reacts in the different circumstances of everyday life."
Page 44

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