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Selected quotes from
"Planetary Brother"

by Mary-Margaret Moore

The High Mesa Foundation  1985 Softcover

"Either you let your mind dwell in fear over surviving all the horrors that are possible, or keep remembering excitement is what you are feeling inside. Whatever the fear in the mind, the soul is capable of feeling, not trepidation, but excitement!"
Page 1

"Your individual life, which impinges on those around you, either expands and gives the gifts of peace, humor, love, compassion and courage; or it does the opposite."
Page 3

"Your ego delivers a very lethal message. It says, "Go ahead and have all the negative thoughts you want, because there's always next month or next year or the next incarnation to change them.""
Page 4

"There is often no one in control of your thoughts, certainly not you! The repetitive patterns of your past have been set through trial and error, and the past grinds out your thoughts day after day. This repetition gives you a sense of continuity."
Page 5

"It (the ego) further says that the only happiness the "you" that you think you are will ever have, is when you are right - when you feel yourself to be "better than" others."
Page 5

"Observing your small responses can lead to great understanding, so watch them."
Page 6

"You can be 'forgiving' over large issues; but you are not as likely to be forgiving over how your mate drives the car, where they put their socks, or whether they leave the toilet seat up or down. I am very serious. I am bringing this to the most mundane level; because that is where the ego hypnotizes you, saying such judgements are too small to matter."
Page 6

"To not response would be to break a pattern, and braking those habitual responses is useful. Then you find you have other choices."
Page 8

"You can ave these miracles a hundred times a day, by asing and waiting expectantly, knowing it can happen."
Page 9

"You don't come to understand them by paying attention to the movement of every thought, but by getting a "felt sense" of thinking."
Page 10

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