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Selected quotes from
"Reflections of an Elder Brother"

by Mary-Margaret Moore

The High Mesa Foundation  1989 Softcover

"You are not enlightened because you choose not to be aware that you already are. And you make this choice, not for some dark, evil reason, but because you create so well on the separated plane that your creations continue to dazzle you. They seem to promise you sustained happiness..."
Page 3

"Real healing takes place on the level of the mind, and that is where you must meet your fear, taking your creative powers and directing them into the physical body. The physical body will then create along the lines of the newly given directives."
Page 5

"But of course, if you are not going to create with consciousness, then your unconscious will do the creating for you, and your ego-based unconscious is not God. Lack of attention produces unconscious creations. Why does every teacher say, "Stay in the moment"? Because in the moment you hold the reigns of creation, and the renegade unconscious is gently, obediently placed under your control. When you are out of the moment the renegade can run amok, creating what you no longer want out of reliving the past or fantasizing about the future."
Page 6

"But God only allows the free play of your awareness to create - within certain limits. The Divine within you has placed certain limits past which you cannot go. You are afraid of being responsible for what your mind creates, so you try not to pay attention to your thoughts. By not paying attention, you go on creating right out of the shadow part of your unconscious. When you really understand this, you can choose to stay in the moment and remember what is it you really wish to create. This gives you the power of conscious choice. Then you can create what you choose to create."
Page 6

"So allow the remembrance. Victory is within your grasp. Sit this day and allow yourself to feel sinless, to feel as if you were nothing but pure light and power, that you have done nothing but radiate the light and wonder of who you are. By allowing this feeling to come up again and again, you give it life, you give it power, you give it reality."
Page 7

"If there is anything you long for now, that you think you do not have, let me tell you, in some lifetime you have already had it. And here you are, still wanting the same things over and over again. The solution is to desire something else, something more lasting."
Page 7

"At it's most painful, dualism represents itself as you and other."
Page 11

"It is the job of the ego-based consciousness to keep you moving, to keep you interested, to keep you delighted in the dance of polarity."
Page 11

"There is a tremendous amount of excitement in the play of dualities until you begin to pay attention to the contents of them. Once you do, you will become aware of the repetition. Most of the content is based on future or past, redoing, resaying or rethinking. The problem with that kind of focus is the lack of grounding power as you swing between the poles of duality. Grounding is done in the moment."
Page 12

"In the midst of whatever is going on each moment of your life, you need to allow all of your Wholeness to reveal itself to you, silently and intensely."
Page 13

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