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Selected quotes from
"Silence of the Heart"

by Robert Adams

Acropolis Books  1997 by Robert Adams

"Consciousness, you may say, is the screen of reality and all of the images of the whole universe are superimpositions on the screen of reality."
Page 20

"The only freedom we've got is not to react to anything, but to turn within and know the truth."
Page 21

"Consciousness is self-contained, Absolute Reality. It is yourself, when you do not identify with the world. And that only happens to the average person just as they are falling asleep and just as they wake up."
Page 27

"There is only one I actually. That I is Consciousness. When you follow the personal I to the source, it turns into the universal I, which is Consciousness. Begin to catch yourself. begin to realize your divine nature. You do this by keeping quiet. The fastest way to realization is to keep quiet."
Page 36

"When you catch on to your awakening, the world does not change. You just see it differently, that's all. You acquire a feeling of immortality. A feeling of divine bliss, so to speak, when things no longer have the power to affect you."
Page 45

"There is a power that knows how to take care of everything, and will also take care of your body, so-called, if you stop thinking. But as long as you think I am the body, then you have to take care of your body, and watch it, and feed it aspirin and cold remedy and proper foods and do all kinds of strange things with your body."
Page 46

"As long as you are born of the flesh you have to suffer. This is the way of the flesh. Do not try to improve your life. You're making a big mistake. For there is no question about it, if you use positive thinking and use your mind, you may appear to improve your life. But remember, this world in which you live is a world of duality. For every up there is a down. For every forward there is a backward. For every good there is a bad. Therefore, whatever improvement comes in your life, it will last for a while, then will subside, then you become miserable again. You'll start sticking up for your rights and fighting for your survival. Then as you get what you want, you'll be happy again. You're like a yo-yo. You go up and down, up and down. And no matter how much I talk to you about this, you're going to keep on doing this."
Page 49

"There is no thing in this world that is that important. As long as you believe it is important, you will never awaken. You can't. For you are caught up in maya. You are playing the game. You are still involved in the leela. You're feeling things. You're reacting to things. You're arguing about things. You're debating things. You're still not sure."
Page 51

"When something takes place in your mind or in your world, you become the observer. You become the witness. You do not react. You try to keep your mind centered in the now, in the moment."
Page 52

"Grass grows spontaneously, but we can imagine we are making it grow with our willpower. The same with the activities of our bodies."
Page 53

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