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Selected quotes from
"The Early Sessions, Book 1"

by Jane Roberts

New Awareness Network  1997, Softcover

"(How many times have the continents on earth risen and fallen?) Endless. <When will the next period of such activity begin?) 2,000."
Session 6, Page 30

"This is the difference. A personality fragment has all the properties of its parents inherent, though it may not know how to use them."
Session 9, Page 42

"Neither of you have a need for children in your present personalities. You are almost finished with incarnations on the earth, so much so that the physical bodies will return completely and unfragmented upon your physical death. This is always the case in the final earth life. The physical property is left behind, no portion of it being carried on that plane through children."
Session 9, Page 46

"Intellectual truth alone will not make you free, though it is certainly a necessary preliminary. If this were the case your walls would fall away, since intellectually you understand their rather dubious nature. Since feeling is so often the cohesive with which mind builds, it is feeling itself which must be changed if you would find freedom from your particular plane of existence at your particular time."
Session 13, Page 72

"Perception of beauty through the senses is the trigger on your plane for subsequent inner perceptions."
Session 14, Page 77

"In fact, the analogy of a plane with an emotional state is much more valid than the analogy between a plane and a geographical state. Particularly since emotional states take up no room."
Session 16, Page 101

"Your subconscious is a greater part of you than you know, and the ego is nothing more than the topmost portion of the subconscious."
Session 17, Page 107

"When the ego becomes too concerned with daily matters, with worry in other words, then the works of the tool become clogged. It becomes ineffective. Dissociation, and I will give you many ways of achieving it, unclogs the tool and is absolutely necessary."
Session 17, Page 108

"As you have probably supposed by now, there is consciousness in everything. Visible or invisible to you, each fragment of the universe has a consciousness of its own."
Session 18, Page 118

"These inner senses, if I may use an analogy again, are like hidden underground trains that carry important fuel from one country to another."
Session 19, Page 132-133

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