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Selected quotes from
"The Early Sessions, Book 2"

by Jane Roberts

New Awareness Network © 1997, Softcover

"Death really represents a blind spot in your present ability to perceive energy transformation, and even value fulfillment...Certainly the birth of a child is really basically just as incomprehensible, but this transformation is projected into, rather than out of, your sphere of understanding."
Session 44, Page 15

"The intuitions are able to accept conceptual reality to some degree. They can feel the content and validity of a concept, where the brain itself may fall short."
Session 44, Page 16

"As telepathy operates constantly at a subconscious level, as a basis for all language and communication, so clairvoyance operates continually so that the physical organism can prepare itself to face its challenges."
Session 44, Page 17

"Hypnotism will become more and more a tool of scientific investigation. Telepathy will be proven without a doubt, and utilized, sadly enough in the beginning, for purposes of war and intrigue. Nevertheless telepathy will enable your race to make its first contact with alien intelligence."
Session 45, Page 21

"The vehicle of so-called space travel is mental and psychic mobility, in terms of psychic transformation of energy, enabling spontaneous and instantaneous mobility through the spacious present. As to the means, the very simplest and crudest but still to he adopted method will prove to be hypnotism, simply because at this point your personalities will not trust their own abilities but must rely upon suggestions from the outside...Hypnotism will be used scientifically simply as a means of breaking down the inhibitions of the outer personality. It goes without saying that such inhibitions are necessary on your plane, and any experiments that we try will be carried on in a most disciplined fashion."
Session 45, Page 22

"Hypnotism is important merely as a tool to release the conscious personality from camouflage inhibitions."
Session 45, Page 23

"Hypnotism then is one tool to enable the conscious personality to divest itself of its concentrated focus upon outer camouflage, and to enable it to focus instead upon the inner self. The main rule here is merely a change of focus...Hypnotism is a safer method than drugs, but hypnotism itself is not necessary if there is an inner willingness to explore the inner universe. The main barrier is the ego’s fear of being subjugated, even as it fears subjugation imagined in death. If the ego can be made to understand that inner awareness, exploration and investigation will actually enlarge its scope of awareness there will be little difficulty."
Session 45, Page 24

" must never consider me an infallible source. This material is more valid than any material possible on your plane, but it is nevertheless to some degree conditioned by the camouflage attributes of the plane."
Session 47, Page 43

"The barriers are yours. The barriers are camouflage. It is ridiculous to develop camouflage vehicles to deal with camouflage space, when all that is necessary is that you realize that camouflage is camouflage."
Session 47, Page 44

"Psychological time, as I have said often, comes extremely close to the climate in which I have my existence, and which you exist in, but unconsciously. Experience with psychological time, and a continuous familiarity with it, will tell you more than words can about the basic realities of all existence. Death, at first, feels like psychological time...The use of psychological time will make the experience of death much less frightening. You will already have learned to recognize the spacious present for what it is, and the conscious ego will not be so bewildered and confused by the sudden perception that is involved. Just before the experience of death, timelessness, or the spacious present begins to be perceived. It is because the ego is tied to its past that it sees the past seemingly rise up. It has the ability to see what is coming, so to speak, but while the frightened ego is still in control it chooses to see only a portion of what is possible, and before the point of death it usually chooses to hide in the past."
Session 48, Page 52

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