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Selected quotes from
"The Early Sessions, Book 3"

by Jane Roberts

New Awareness Network  1997, Softcover

"The fact that Ruburt experienced in the dream, or following it, no sense of either fateful predestination or even fear, was a tip-off that the dream was not clairvoyant in terms of future prediction."
Session 87, Page 10

"Directly beneath personal subconscious you will find upon examination either through hypnosis or applied association, a layer dealing with the period before this life, and after the life before this one. Since this period was to some degree at least free of camouflage, from it communication can be received dealing with the entitys knowledge of itself, and of uncamouflaged reality. From this undifferentiated gap of experience between camouflage existences, valuable information may be received dealing with the reality which exists behind, and independent of, matter. From this focus position communication may be set up between personality essences no longer in the physical field, and those still in it, provided that those still in it are able to remove focus from the ego to this particular level. It is from this focus point then that communication between what is termed the living and the dead may take place."
Session 88, Page 16

"He should express himself when he feels a diverse opinion, when he feels wronged. It is only when aggressions are unexpressed that they are dangerous, and the repressed rage will hold back the desired psychic development."
Session 90, Page 31

"...the intellect knows the ego, and represents a firm and reliable pathway between the inner self and the ego;"
Session 90, Page 31

"Energy projected into any kind of construction, psychic or physical, cannot be recalled, but must follow the laws of the particular form into which it has been for the moment molded."
Session 92, Page 36

"Every subconscious personality then would see and hear the same dream, as many persons may watch the same movie; and as each person in a theater interprets the symbolism of the drama differently, so does each layer of the subconscious interpret differently the same elements of one dream. The I who dreams, who is aware of motion, action and participation in a dream, this I is of course the inner self, focused momentarily upon the particular subconscious layer at which the dream is originated."
Session 93, Page 41

"Without dreams the outer camouflage self would lose all touch with inner realities, or would be in danger of thus denying its own heritage."
Session 93, Page 41

"Intuition represents the directions of the inner self, breaking through conscious barriers."
Session 93, Page 44

"The intellect, again, was also and is a means by which the inner self relates itself to the camouflage physical universe which is has itself constructed. Dreams therefore cannot adequately be understood or probed into on an intellectual level."
Session 94, Page 51

"In order to examine the reality of dreams it is necessary to change the focus of the inner self to those directions in which the inner self moves, when the ego does not limit its scope to camouflage reality only."
Session 94, Page 51

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