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Selected quotes from
"The Early Sessions, Book 4"

by Jane Roberts

New Awareness Network  1997, Softcover

"A small amount of energy only is focused upon the physical field during sleep, enough simply to maintain the physical body within its physical environment."
Session 149, Page 2

"There is a give and take here, for if you give the dream universe much of its own continuing energy, much of your own energy is derived from it."
Session 149, Page 2

"The ability to retain experience gained within other fields is the trend of further development."
Session 149, Page 3

"On leaving the dream state, he becomes more and more aware of the ego, and creates then activities which have meaning to it. In the deep dream state the inner purposes are more involved."
Session 149, Page 3

"Action is more spontaneous within the dream universe, more fluid. The images appear then disappear much more quickly because value fulfillment is allowed greater reign."
Session 149, Page 4

"In the dream universe, in all systems of such nature, development is achieved not by traveling your single line, but by delving into that point that you call a moment."
Session 149, Page 5

"In relationship to action, and moment points, the ego is indeed that portion of the self which stands at the apex of the moment point, and is limited by the moment point. The ego is in this context the portion of the self which is utterly focused upon, and imprisoned by, the moment point."
Session 151, Page 10

"The inner ego is that part of the inner self which is closely allied with the outer ego, in that it is to some degree a director of function and activity."
Session 151, Page 12

"For this, value fulfillment, is the reason behind the existence of all systems, and of all experience within your field."
Session 151, Page 15

"The personal subconscious and the ego are indeed equal partners in the formation of any given present personality."
Session 152, Page 17

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