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Selected quotes from
"The Early Sessions, Book 6"

by Jane Roberts

New Awareness Network © 1997, Softcover

"If you can look backward from your planetary viewpoint with your physical instruments, and using your own terms and definitions, then from some point you see within the same framework, your scientists should be able to look forward, and they cannot."
Session 249., Page The Early Sessions

"Basically there is no difference between precognition and telepathy. The apparent difference is the result of an inadequate understanding of the nature of time."
Session 240, Page 3

"Under so-called usual circumstances, data is received through the physical senses, and is then interpreted by the brain. When a clairvoyant event is perceived the data is received by the mind and given to the brain, which then interprets it as it does usual data."
Session 240, Page 4

"Of course Ruburtís own associations are used by me, with his consent, up to a certain point, to enable me to lead him to the proper subject or image."
Session 241, Page 16

"A survival personality is many respects is psychologically much different from the individual that he was. The ego is now under the control of what may be loosely called the inner self. When communications take place between a survival personality and a personality who exists within the physical system, then this involves a reshuffling, again, on the part of the survival personality, where the ego is momentarily given greater reign. There is the same sort of disorientation that the ego experiences within physical reality when an individual dreams... The survival personality therefore momentarily inserts his ego in its old position."
Session 242, Page 22

"When these circumstances (physical existence) no longer exist, then other layers of the self take over the dominant position, and the personality realigns its psychological components. The ego does not disappear, however. It merely takes a back seat in some respects, as your own subconscious does during physical existence. When you sleep the ego becomes unfocused, but still present, and its goals and attitudes to some extent do color dream experiences. The survival personality has somewhat the same relationship to the ego as the dreaming personality has to it now. It is a great mistake to imagine that the human being has but one ego, however. The ego represents merely any given pattern of characteristics, psychological characteristics, that happen to be dominant at any given time."
Session 242, Page 22

"They (other areas of the self) share physical life with you therefore, whether the ego realizes this or not. After this existence the ego will not remain dormant either. It simply will not be the dominant psychological entity that it is during physical existence. I am aware of the various egotistical selves that I have been. I am still each of these selves, but the whole self that I am is dominant now."
Session 242, Page 23

"Dream locations exist in so-called physical space as truly, or as falsely, as physical objects exist in physical space. As you should know by now, physical objects are only the results of your own perception, and this perception is based upon your psychological makeup, your physical structure, certain combinations of nerves and chemical reactions."
Session 244, Page 45

"Because of other procedures I have explained, including the existence of constant telepathy, there is some agreement as to the placement of these objects, or if Ruburt prefers, locations, in space. Now this gives rise to what you may call mass-perception... When you are dealing with dream locations, you are not dealing with mass-perceptions, but with personal perceptions. There is no need therefore for any complicated arrangements calculated to insure agreement between persons as to location in space."
Session 244, Page 45

"In the waking state the whole self is focused toward physical reality. In the dreaming state the whole self is focused within a different dimension."
Session 244, Page 47

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