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Selected quotes from
"The Early Sessions, Book 7"

by Jane Roberts

New Awareness Network  1997, Softcover

"Now the dreams that you would have, and had, in shared experience are root dreams. Such root dreams serve as a method of maintaining inner identity, and of communication."
Session 282, Page 13

"Contrary to usual opinion, periods of poor health are often the result of egotistic rather than subconscious manipulations. You become over concerned with the egotistical situations, and hamper the inner self."
Session 283, Page 18

"Identity is no longer limited to the outer ego alone. The outer ego is now familiar with the whole self, or the entire identity, and has available to it strength of which it was not previously aware. In periods of exuberance, when you are working well, and your health is extraordinarily good, when you are able to remember and manipulate your dreams, then such periods are signs of the emergence of this new consciousness."
Session 283, Page 18

"The energies and focus must be directed away from the physical symptoms. He is reinforcing them inadvertently. The creative energy, properly used, will drain away the energy that is now forming the symptoms."
Session 283, Page 19

"If he first of all focuses his abilities in his creative pursuits, then everything else will follow. He will have the energy to do whatever else he should do. But he must primarily focus his energies in his creative pursuits, for these give him the exuberance that makes other pursuits possible."
Session 283, Page 19

"As you know the ego is the topmost portion, so to speak. Were it not for the dreaming self the ego wold not exist. Were it not for past existences the personality as you know it would not exist."
Session 284, Page 26

"There are several major root assumptions and many minor ones.
  • One: Energy and action are basically the same, although neither must necessarily apply to physical motion.
  • Two: All objects have their origin basically in mental action. Mental action is directed psychic energy.
  • Three: Permanence is not a matter of time. Existence has value in terms of intensities.
  • Objects - this is four - are blocks of energy perceived in a highly specialized manner.
  • Five: Stability in time-sequence is not a prerequisite requirement for an object, except as a root assumption within the physical universe.
  • Six: Space as a barrier does not exist.
  • Seven: The spacious present is here more available to the perceptions.
  • Eight: The only barriers within inner reality are mental barriers, or psychic barriers. "
    Session 284, Page 27

    "One of the root agreements upon which physical existence is based is that physical objects have a reality that is entirely independent of any subjective cause; and that these objects, within definitely specified limitations, are permanent."
    Session 284, Page 27

    "In physical experience you are dealing with an environment with which you are familiar. You have completely forgotten the chaos and unpredictable nature it presented you before learning processes were channeled into specific directions. You learned to perceive reality in a highly specialized fashion."
    Session 284, Page 29

    "The senses serve to blot out many more aspects of reality than they allow you to perceive. They are actually rather rigid limiting devices, yet in many inner explorations you will automatically translate experience into terms that the senses can use."
    Session 284, Page 30

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