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Selected quotes from
"The Early Sessions, Book 9"

by Jane Roberts

New Awareness Network  1997, Softcover

"There are personalities far more developed than my own; there are personalities that operate in a context that even I would find extremely alien, but no particle of individuality is ever lost, and no experience."
Session 425, Page 18

"The idleness, if prolonged, is not idleness. Concentration upon physical data takes the conscious mind off for a trip, and it gives the inner self greater freedom to initiate new developments and intuitional creations. These, incidentally, can help you understand the true nature of time."
Session 425, Page 21

"When I speak of All That Is, you must understand my position within it. All That Is knows no other. This does not mean that there may not be more to know. It does not mean, and here words quite fail us, it does not mean that All That Is, in any terms we can conceive of, may not be limited. It knows of no other."
Session 426, Page 25

"An entity does not "remember" when a portion of it existed within your system. In its time that portion simply is."
Session 430, Page 42

"Time is an apple. Time is no apple. Time is a worm in an apple. Time is a worm not in an apple; and yet such definitions will be absolutely meaningless to most people, for they can only think of time in terms of days or hours, and they do not think of time as an experience itself, or quite simply, being."
Session 430, Page 43

"Now some personalities from one system aid other personalities from other systems, but highly developed personalities, those in your terms so far advanced, will set for themselves the task of aiding an entire civilization; of assisting the development of a new system, and sometimes initiating the existence of that system...Now you are aiding in the development of those consciousnesses that compose the cells and molecules within your own bodies. They learn from you almost through a process of osmosis. Dimly through many cycles of such activities, they become aware of the existence of conceptual thought."
Session 432, Page 48

"It is important that you understand that time puts limitations and barriers in the way of perception. This does not mean that each individual at such a state is isolated, nor that he dwells in some universe of his own, for interactions always exist."
Session 433, Page 51

"If every cell set up conditions of its own existence you would not have a body. The conditions blind you to what life is, even to the miraculous balance and imbalance of physical and nonphysical that allows you to think and breathe. Forget your conditions and you will realize the meaning of joy within your own life."
Session 440, Page 96

"The whole development of your individuality and of your whole self is a gift of All That Is; a state of grace is the acceptance of life and vitality and joy. Live then within it!"
Session 440, Page 97

"Our contacts now are not just contacts with Robert F. Butts and Jane Roberts, and that is why I have always used your entity names. The contact is also with your other reincarnational selves that you do not presently recall."
Session 442, Page 109

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