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Selected quotes from
"The Unknown Reality, Volume 1"

by Jane Roberts

Amber Allen © 1996, Softcover

"Within the entire identity there may be, for example, several incipient selves, around whose nuclei the physical personality can form."
Session 680, Page 19

"When your mother died in her 50ís in one probable system, your mother in this system was the recipient of energy that then returned."
Session 680, Page 21

"All probable worlds exist now. All probable variations on the most minute aspect in any reality exist now. You weave in and out of probabilities constantly, picking and choosing as you go along."
Session 681, Page 28

"There are, for example, parallel events that are followed as easily as you follow consecutive events."
Session 681, Page 28

"In practical terms of sense data, those worlds do not meet. In deeper terms they coincide. Any of the infinite number of events that could have happened to you and Ruburt [do] happen."
Session 681, Page 29

"Statistics provide an artificial, predetermined framework in which your reality is then examined."
Session 681, Page 30

"...the moment point, the present, is the point of interaction between all existences and reality. All probabilities flow through it, though one of your moment points may be experienced as centuries, or as a breath, in other probable realities of which you are a part."
Session 681, Page 30

"In no way now can you predict what will happen to you now. You can choose to accept as your reality any number of given unpredictable events. In that respect, the choice is yours, but all the events you do not accept occur nevertheless."
Session 681, Page 31

"Needless to say, I wanted you to know that there is much more than even this, complexities that are truly astounding, intelligences that operate in what I suppose you would call a gestalt fashion, building blocks of vitalities of truly unbelievable maturity, awareness, and comprehension. These are the near ultimate as I understand such things."
Session 681, Page 31

"That viewpoint however is highly limited, for above you, using that scale, there are other more developed organizations of these units; and so from that more exalted viewpoint, you would seem to be junior souls indeed."
Session 682, Page 39

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