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Selected quotes from
"The Unknown Reality, Volume 2"

by Jane Roberts

Amber Allen  1996, Softcover

"Time out of the body is free time by your standards. You do not age, for example, although this effect varies according to certain principles. I will mention these later."
Session 709, Page p313

"There is no transmigration of souls, in which the entire personality of a person comes back as an animal."
Session 705, Page 288

"In isolated cases this will show you some of the results possible on a physical basis alone. However, such techniques will not work in mass terms, or allow you, say, to prolong effective, productive life unless you change your beliefs in other areas also, and learn the inner dynamics of the psyche."
Session 705, Page 289

"Each triumph you make as an individual is reflected in your species and in its cellular knowledge."
Session 705, Page 290

"You know that a chair is not going to chase you around the room, for instance - at least the odds are against it. You know this because you have a reasoning mind, but that particular kind of reasoning Mind knows what it knows because at deep levels the cells are aware of the nature of probable action."
Session 707, Page 293

"These code systems involve molecular constructions and light values, and in certain ways the light values are as precisely and effectively used as your alphabet is."
Session 708, Page 299

"In the most simple and mundane of examples, if you are living in a fairly well-balanced, healthy environment, your houseplants and your animals will also be well."
Session 708, Page 301

"For the purpose of this discussion alone, imagine a body with a fully operating body consciousness, not diseased for any reason or defective by birth, but one without the overriding ego-directed consciousness that you have."
Session 708, Page 303

"There are also physical apparatuses connected with the hibernation abilities of some animals that can give further clues as to the possible relationships of consciousness to the body. Under certain conditions, for example, consciousness can leave the corporal mechanism while it remains intact - functioning, but at a maintenance level."
Session 708, Page 304

"The stuff of your body literally falls into the earth many times, as you think it does only at the end of your life. Again, your own consciousness triumphantly rides above those deaths that you do not recognize as such."
Session 708, Page 305

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