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Selected quotes from
"The Seth Material"

by Jane Roberts


"It was a personality fragment of your own. You were wishing for a playmate, and were jealous because your brother stayed so long with your father. Quite without knowing it, you materialized a personality fragment as a playmate."
Page 29

"At one time or another, all of us on my plane give such lessons, but psychic bonds between teacher and pupils are necessary, which means that we must wait until personalities on your plane have progressed sufficiently for lessons to begin. Lessons then are conducted with those psychically bound to us."
Page 40

"Seth also said that an inner part of each personality was aware of its relationship with its entity -- and that this portion did man's breathing for him and controlled those bodily processes that we consider involuntary."
Page 55

"Seth said that not only do we form our own reality now, but we will continue to do so after physical death, so it is of the utmost importance that we understand the connection between thought and reality."
Page 112

"Matter is continually created, but no particular object is in itself continuous. There is not, for example, one physical object that deteriorates with age. There are instead continuous creations of psychic energy into a physical pattern that appears to hold a more or less rigid appearance."
Page 114

"The actual material that seems to make up the object has completely disappeared many times, and the pattern has been completely filled again with new matter. Physical matter makes consciousness effective within three-dimensional reality."
Page 114

"Matter of itself, however, is no more continuous, no more given to growth or age than is, say, the color yellow."
Page 114

"None of you sees the glass that the others see. Each of the three of you creates your own glass, in your own personal perspective. Therefore you have three different physical glasses here, but each one exists in an entirely different space continuum."
Page 115

"Now, Mark, you cannot see Joseph's glass, nor can he see yours. This can be proven mathematically, and scientists are already working with the problem, though they do not understand the principles behind it."
Page 115

"Suggestion is no more and no less than an inner willingness and consent to allow a particular action to occur; and this consent is the trigger which sets off the subconscious mechanisms that allow you to construct inner data into physical reality."
Page 120

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