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Selected quotes from
"Planetary Brother"

by Mary-Margaret Moore

The High Mesa Foundation  1985 Softcover

"When you choose to step back from fixating on each thought and watch the whole process instead, you create distance. You move from short-sighted to far-seeing."
Page 10

"Your ego-mind tries to convince your Deep Self that you've done your part by just being here."
Page 13

"Your physical, mental, and emotional bodies 'chatter' a great deal. Since they are always in motion, they create a lot of noise or static which you continually pay attention to. You ignore the sound of the space within and the space without. So the job is simply to decrease the static that creates this very thin veil between these two similar power sources."
Page 15

"When a person deeply experiences that which they thought was going to give pelasure as giving instead a feeling of desperate loneliness and a negative sense of themselves, they will begin to release their hold on the addiction and move to where pleasure really lies."
Page 20

"Every time you sit in meditation, you automatically take your awareness off the curtain. When you sit with the intention of becoming still, or finding the Light within, or feeling the Oneness, that's enough."
Page 20

"To ride the crest of your own thought forms is very difficult in the beginning. Your mind will arise to block you. You must have the determination that a really vast desire can give you, and you must have the will and patience to see it through. Make the picture of your dream as beautiful, dynamic and extending as you can; and support it with all the power that you have, and that is what the psyche will reproduce for you."
Page 22

"When you get in touch with the part of your Being that is just experiencing, you will begin to find delight in everything!"
Page 27

"The deepest part of you makes no differentiation between experiencing good or bad, pleasure or pain. It just is aware of experiencing! You have been trained to name your experiences, and in so doing spend your lives thinking about them. "That feeling is jealousy is bad." Your ego wants you to think avout experience rather than feel it. The ego loves to have you define your problems. "My problem is, I am not loving." The minute you define it, the ego can either dismiss it because you have defined it, or engage you in an endless round of mental analysis of the problem."
Page 27

"You always have the option to disconnect yourself from the ego distractions of the world. Every moment you decide where your awareness is going to go. Let me give you a few examples of your choices. You can put your awareness on what it feels like to be totally present in the physical; or take your awareness and move it out into the manifest world, interacting with each other and feeling the world around you. A third choice is to take your awareness into the realm of the mental where fantasy lies, where you rerun the past, and where you project into the future."
Page 31

"That's all this is about - to remember what you already know, and to give you a moment to experience that which you already are. Nothing fancy, nothing magical, just ordinary God-Consciousness. Ordinary because that's just what it is. When you become aware of your connection with the Divine, you will realize you have been feeling it forever; and you will be amazed that you have gone so long without remembering or acknowledging what it is you were feeling. You will become aware it has been there all along and nothing has changed, yet everything has changed. It's one of those magical times, and the magic is you and this moment."
Page 37

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