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Selected quotes from
"Planetary Brother"

by Mary-Margaret Moore

The High Mesa Foundation  1985 Softcover

"There isn't experince and God, there is just experience. And in the experience is God. You begin to talk about it and immediately you are one step away from it. Do you see the paradox? If you think about the experience, you lose it, but if you don't think about experiencing, you can't bring it to your awareness."
Page 37

"So why not repeat the truth - you are already experiencing the feeling you are looking for. Repeat it to yourself constantly, no matter what the minf tells you."
Page 38

"You get rid of the difficulties with your children or your spouse or your jobs, but the addiction to trying to feel good remains. This is where you are caught. I know this is difficult bjut stay with me. Don't talk about it, don't intellectualize it, just remember, "I Am already experiencing what I am looking for," and then stop and wait. What happens? Test is. Realize what's at stake here. Knowing you are already experiencing your enlightenment convinces the part of you that is the seeker to stop seeking."
Page 39

"Feel how quiet you can become when you ar elike the cat waiting at the mouse hole. The cat is waiting, not for the mouse, but for the experience of cat-ness. The ego says to watch for the mouse, and I say, forget the mouse. The mouse is on the other side waiting to feel mouse-ness. It's that kind of intense, yet relaxed, gentle, but totally focused feeling you're looking for. And to get it, keep the word "experiencing" in your mind, and then wait to feel that happens."
Page 40

"All kinds of obstacles will rise. The way out, the way through them, is to keep asking, "Who is experiencing this doubt? This confusion? This boredom?" The tendency is to move away from the Experiencer and begin to analyze, think, and focus again on what is being experienced."
Page 41

"So, as you go about this day, practice lookout out for your destructive one-liners. When you hear one, stop and let yourself fully hear it and feel it. Then pull your awareness away from "all that" and drop into the Experiencer. You can easily do this by asking, "Who is experiencing all that?""
Page 44

"Do not say that you can't tell the difference between your ego and God. That is the greatest lie of all. God feels unconditionally wonderful, that's how you tell. Tension of any kind tells you ego is present."
Page 44

"You have an idea there is a "you" doing this thing called "living life." No! The source is doing everything, and if the Source is doing everything, then should you not be able to experience the Source at the same time that you are doing anything? The idea that the source is one thing and you and your life are something else is a belief that needs to die."
Page 44

"If you are willing to be the Experiencer of Essense in the midst of anything, you wll be able to laugh at the inflated importance of your own repertoire. And the ego wants you to anything but have a good belly laugh about "all that stuff." Just the act of laughing at your own grand assortment of ego cliches will help you release them."
Page 45

"Pay attention to the incredible trivia that keeps you from it. It's just silly material that runs you around in the same circles. "I didn't get what I wanted." "Pay more attention to me." "That hurt my feelings." Endless nonsense. But behind it all is the pearl without price, The Light everlasting, Compassion unending, the live knowledge of the magnificent wonder of your Being."
Page 45

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