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Selected quotes from
"Planetary Brother"

by Mary-Margaret Moore

The High Mesa Foundation  1985 Softcover

"Do you want to be number one or do you want to be The One?"
Page 46

"The difficulty comes when you believe the thoughts you create are universal truths. With them, create a belief filter. These filters determine what you will allow yourself to see and hear. They provide just one interpretation of your experiences. Other interpretations may be as interesting and more exspansive and helpful, but you can't see or hear them. This can change when you have a willingness to see every thought, every event, every interaction as simply coming from one limited point of view. This point can change if you are willing."
Page 50

"You have endless choices and flexibility within consciousness. You can visualize the painful event of feeling with a different outcome, or see youself no longer weak and helpless, but strong and capable. You can also choose to feel an expanded state of awareness and look at the entire situation from another perspective. An idea like, "What will this look like and feel like in ten years? Five years?" might help. Remember, you are the ten thousand foot wave!"
Page 52

"Whatever is current in your mind seems real. Out of sight, out of mind. Out of mind, out of reality. If you are not thinking it, if you are not aware of it, at that moment it is not real."
Page 52

"Concentrate on what you wish to have in your life. "
Page 53

"More quotes from this book to come..."
Page 400

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