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"The personal needs a base, a body to identify oneself with, just as a colour needs a surface to appear on. The seeing of the colour is independent of the colour - it is the same whatever the colour. One needs an eye to see a colour. The colours are many, the eye is single. The personal is like the light in the colour and in the eye, yet simple, single, indivisible and unperceivable, except in it's manifestations. Not unknowable, but unperceivable, un-objectival, inseparable. Neither material nor mental, neither objective nor subjective, it is the root of matter and the source of consciousness. Beyong mere living and dying, it is the all-inclusive, all-exclusive Life, in which birth is death and death is birth." - Nisargadatta Maharaj from "I Am That"

Advaita Vedanta is very one pointed in it's message at least from it's two greatest messengers Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. We are suffering because we identify with the body-mind. When one breaks this identification one ceases to suffer. The way to break this identification is to keep vigilant on the thought "I Am".

Self Enquiry is the practive of the Advaita Vedanta schools. Self Enquiry is also known as the practice of "Who Am I". This practice has the aspirant maintaining an awareness of I (or attempting to) constantly.

Click here for a description of the basic practice of Self-Enquiry or "I Am"

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