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"But at other times when you say I exist, you are heading towards the perception of a non-state, which is neither of the body nor of the mind. This non-state is being, it is indeterminable, cannot be located mentally or physically. It is neither a thought nor a feeling. This non-state is identical to that of your surroundings. You are of the very same essence. In this non-state there are no surroundings. If there is another, that is, if there are surroundings, there is an I, and vice-versa.
"Our surroundings are not contained by name and form. You are neither the body nor the mind, these are limits you identify with through a lack of clear-sightedness. When you are attentive to a tree or flower, the perception, shape, name and concept are not the only things present. There is also the All-presence that you share with them and that you are both part of. The very name and form spring forth from this eternal background, the All-presence. This is instantaneous awareness that cannot be reached by thought." - Jean Klein

Much like Robert Adams, Jean Klein could pass for a western version of Nisargadatta Maharaj. For me his language is more timeless than Adams and I believe perhaps his realization deeper. Very powerful written word.

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 I Am
The more I read from Jean Klein the more I realize that there is nobody that can spell out non-duality in words better that he can. Some like Nisargadatta and Ramana would be as equals. Makes sense that someone rooted in the absolute would give roughly the same profound information as someone else coming from the same place with variations accounting for personality and such as filtered through the ego.

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 Neither This Nor That I Am
Our task is to break exclusive identification with the ego but how if we don't know enough about this ego. Most authors have been nebulous in their descriptions of the ego. One of the great qualities of Nisargadatta's books is that his words are as direct as his teaching. This book has the same directness. Every paragraph is meaningfull. There is no waste no repetition

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 The Ease of Being
The more I read from Jean Klein the more I will read from Jean Klein. He has the directness of Nisargadatta and the wisdom.


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