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"We can say that there are two dimensions of Me: one in motion, and one “in itself,” so to speak. Me in motion, is the movement of intelligence, thoughts, feelings, the ability to create self-image and so forth. Me “in itself” is a complete and self-contained experience of our whole being, in the state of pure rest. Me “in itself” is what most people ignore, that is, are unaware of its very existence. Ignorance, in the case of human beings is very particular. All human beings sense the Me. That itself is a sign of a high level of evolution. But we are not sufficiently aware of what, in reality, is sensed. The attention of the human mind is constantly identified with thoughts and perception, most often spent in a state of day dreaming. The sense of Me is functioning merely as a self-conscious mechanism within the mind, so it can become self-attentive to its own psychological-mental activity. The excessive identification with the Me in motion, and the unawakened awareness of Me in itself, are the symptoms of what is called ignorance." - Aziz Kristof

For me Aziz came out of nowhere. I think the same person who suggested I check out Nisargadatta thought I would also appreciate Aziz. He was right. Aziz writes in such a way that every word is significant. Every word is devoured voraciously as someone saved from drowning would gasp for air.

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 Transmission of Awakening
The Aziz triple crown: Attention, Being, Heart. Aziz drills this message home repeatedly throughout this book. The three facets of enlightenment. One starts with attention without which one is victim of the subconscious mind. Through surrender one rests in bring and through the heart one can rejoin the soul. I've found Aziz's words to be on the level of Nisargadatta in depth.

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Actually all finished. Working on book description.

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