Seth/Jane Roberts

    Seth is a non-physical entity who has dictated thousands of pages of literature through 'channel' Jane Roberts (pictured left). If you can get past that you are in for the most profound material available (In my opinion). There are more than 16 Seth books and 9 Jane books in the combined works (including the 9 Early Session" books which contain the first 510 sessions)
The most recent addition are the "Personal" sessions. Also know as the "deleted" sessions, these sessions were not published because they were personally directed at Jane and Rob. The first two of these books are currently available. They are available directly from the publisher New Awareness Network Inc.

What I've got here...

  • The Online Seth Discussion Community
    • Seth's Practicing Realist - Exploring Seth's idea of being a "Practicing Idealist." discussion group (350 members)
    • SethWeb - Sethweb is a place for discussing the Seth material by Jane Roberts, sometimes with a little Abraham-Hicks sprinkled in (489 members)
    • Seth and Personal Reality - Creative Consciousness at Work (212 members)
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