Seth/Jane Roberts

Daily Program

What should be be doing further our conscious evolution? The easiest and minimum we should at least give ourselves a "pre-sleep" suggestion each day. The suggestion should be repeated a few times with some emotional intent added as desire and expectation. The suggestion becomes the last communication from the waking self to the inner self before the sleep/dream process beings. A very clear suggestion has the best chance of being fulfilled during sleep.

Here is what Seth tells us about using suggestion in this way:

"Suggestion is no more and no less than an inner willingness and consent to allow a particular action to occur; and this consent is the trigger which sets off the subconscious mechanisms that allow you to construct inner data into physical reality."

"This is one of the reasons why health suggestions given immediately before sleep are so effective. Incidentally, they are excellent practice. Expectation can aid you also."

Here are some of Seth's pre-sleep suggestions:

  • "I would suggest that you tell yourselves that you will henceforth be able to remember dreams from the deeper levels of your personality, and you should find that you will be able to do so. You can also tell yourselves when you wish that you will give special attention to the nature of time and space, as these appear within your dreams. You will discover then upon awakening that many perceptions concerning time and space within the dream state will remain within you."

  • "You can indeed suggest to the subconscious that it carry on in such a manner regardless of your conscious concern. As a result the ego can apply itself to the job at hand while the subconscious works for you and your inner purposes. This is very practical, and works without much difficulty."

  • "You may obviously also direct your subconscious to react only to constructive suggestions from any source. This is in fact an excellent habit to cultivate."

  • "It will indeed be beneficial for you both to suggest to your subconscious that it enable you to develop your psychic abilities, and then consciously forget the matter."

  • "...suggestions should always be given before sleep, that the subconscious will maintain the organic integrity of the physical organism. This is basic. Suggestions should also be given so that a harmonious relationship be maintained among all levels of the personality structure. Suggestions given that constructive tendencies are given free reign. Perhaps more important, suggestions should be given that only constructive suggestions will be reacted to."

  • "Suggestion can shape dreams, and the dreams themselves then operate as action. A strong dream can be a more significant psychic action than any physical experience, and it can change the course of the personality completely. The inner senses will also react to suggestion. If you suggest that you become more aware of their activities, then so you shall."

  • "...using suggestion to awaken you after a dream sequence."

  • "Suggestion given before sleep will greatly add to your chances of conscious projections from the dream state. It is not necessary, basically speaking, that you notice some small incongruous detail in order to realize while dreaming that you are dreaming. There is however one good method to use. The suggestion "I will realize while dreaming that I am dreaming" can also be used, as another method, or both of these may be utilized together."