Seth/Jane Roberts


"This personal kind of cellular memory in turn triggers other layers within the cells to varying degrees. Again, each atom and molecule contains within it "memory" of its "previous" experiences. According to the state of illumination or grace, those mass memories may be activated that do not necessarily involve your personal experience though your own involvement and the events of your life may appear within them in an entirely different framework than the one with which you are familiar. Any event of your life is written in the memory of the universe, for example, as you think of it. (Pause.) So in a state of illumination private cellular memory may be animated, and beyond this, a deeper level of knowing in which your own birth and death may or may not be explained."
Session 638, p.168 , The Nature of Personal Reality

"In therapy using massive doses of LSD, a condition of chemically enforced insanity takes place. By insanity, I mean a situation in which the conscious mind is forced into a state of powerlessness. There is a literal assault made not only upon the psyche, but upon the organizational framework that makes it possible for you to exist rationally in the world that you know. The ego, of course, cannot be annihilated in physical life. Kill one and another will, and must, emerge from the inner self which is its source."
Session 638, p.168 , The Nature of Personal Reality

"The landscape of the psyche is indeed revealed, bringing good data to the psychiatrist. But the experiences undergone by the patients and all of this applies to massive doses - represent the enactment, through terrible encounter, of the species" birth into consciousness, and its death as consciousness falls back annihilated; followed by its rebirth as the individual patient struggles to emerge again from dimensions not native under those conditions. The deepest biological and psychic structures are altered. I did not say they were damaged, though they may be according to the situation. Consciousness is assaulted at its roots. When periods of transcendence are felt under such conditions, they represent the psychic birth of a new personality from the sources of the old, and from the death, psychically, of the old. In some cases the genetic messages have changed, in that they are different. This is psychic slaying in a technological framework. Under LSD you are highly suggestible. If you are told that the ego must die then you will kill it. You will telepathically follow the ideas of your guide under even the best of conditions. The psychic "rebirth" may leave you with a completely new set of problems, rising on the bed of the old and as yet undecipherable. The new ego is quite aware of the conditions of its birth. It knows it was born out of the death of its predecessor, and for all its feelings of transcendentjoy, natural enough at its birth, it fears that annihilation from which it sprang. The natural creature-integrity is not the same. The physical world will never be trusted in quite the same way. The alliance with it is not as secure. The "self" that was born into the body, and grew with it, has gone, and another "self" has risen from that previous organization. Such self-changes happen naturally as life progresses, and when the self modulates at any given time, it is different from what it was."
Session 638, p.169 , The Nature of Personal Reality

"Such massive doses of LSD chemically activate all levels of cellular memory to such an extent that in certain terms they are no longer in charge of themselves, and the memories can then emerge unpredictably when the system is under stress. The fine biological and psychological alliance is now weakened."
Session 638, p.171 , The Nature of Personal Reality