Seth/Jane Roberts

Primary Reality

"...while your physical time, or clock time, has no overall basic reality, and is not a primary reality, that runs through various fields or systems, it is nevertheless an electromagnetic reality within your own system, for you have created is on mental terms... if it were a primary reality, you would not escape from it even in the sleeping state. Those realities which are primary you can never escape from. This should give you an idea, for those realities which run through all systems, and which are primaries, are those which exist for you in all conditions of consciousness and under any circumstances." Session 208, p.69, The Early Sessions, Book 5

"...for the dream experiments that we plan will enable you to accumulate in time a list of will be shortly discovered that the physical organism does not age in sleep at the same rate at which it ages in the waking state. Aging, therefore, is not a primary... A recognition of the differences between primary and secondary conditions can however allow you to minimize the effects of the secondary conditions to some considerable degree." Session 208, p.70, The Early Sessions, Book 5

"Talking represents a primary, the primary of communication. Walking represents a primary, the primary of motion." Session 210, p.82, The Early Sessions, Book 5