Seth/Jane Roberts

The Self

According to Seth there are no divisions to the self, and yet he gives us descriptions of them :)

  • The Ego is the tip of the iceburg portion of the subconscious (Session 17) self that deals exclusively with physical reality.
  • The Ego is formed at birth of our physical being (Session 126)
  • The Ego's purpose is manipulation of the personality in physical reality (Session 183)
  • "...the ego, while a portion of the whole self, can be defined as a psychological "structure", composed of characteristics belonging to the personality as a whole, organized together to form a surface identity." - Session 616
  • Personality
  • Very closely tied to the ego but prior to the ego.
  • It is a portion of the inner self (Session 146).
  • "The personal subconscious and the ego are indeed equal partners in the formation of any given present personality." - Sesion 152.
  • "The personality in actuality is simultaneous action, that is composed of actions within actions. Portions of it are conscious of its awareness as a part of action, and portions of it attempt to stand aside from action. This attempt forms the ego, and is itself action." Session 164
  • "The sleeping personality is as close to the inner self as you will come in this existence" - Session 187
  • Subconscious
  • Connective between our physical brain and non-physical mind (Session 20)
  • Also a connective between our inner and outer senses (Session 20)
  • Owner of emotions (Session 25)
  • The subconscious is also the buffer zone between the inner and outer egos. (Session 35)
  • Cushions the outer Ego aganist the shock of reality. (Session 35)
  • The subconscious is the source of our personal identity (Session 126) and is our memory storehouse composed of many layers (Session 88). The topmost layer is the "personal" subconscious that contains pertinent information from this lifetime. Then would be memories of the time before this lifetime, then of the life before this one, etc...
  • Inner Ego
  • The portion of our selves still focused on inner reality
  • "The inner ego is the part of the personality that contains the highest aspirations and capabilities. It has been called by psychologists the subliminal self. When in such dreams your perceptions seem exceedingly clear, you can be certain that the inner ego is operating. Now all portions of the personality, of the present personality, belong to this inner ego." - Session 270
  • "It is the prime identity of the whole present personality. In many cases it is the I of your dreams. It is definitely the I of your creative activity. It is the I, you see, which survives physical existence, and the physical, physically-oriented ego is only a part of it." - Session 270
  • "Now the inner ego is the organizer of experience that Jung would call unconscious. The inner ego is another term for what we call the inner self. As the outer ego manipulates within the environment and physical reality, so the inner ego or self organizes and manipulates within an inner reality. The inner ego creates the physical reality with which the outer ego then deals." - Session 509
  • Inner Self(Same as the Inner Ego)
    The Psyche(Same as the Inner Ego)
    Whole Self
  • Sum of reincarnational personalities. Ruburt is the name of Jane's whole self as Joseph is the name of Rob's whole self.
  • "The fact is that the whole self is constantly experiencing data from all of the inner senses. The inner ego is of course aware of this. The subconscious is sometimes aware of this, and the outer ego is aware of very little." - Session 35
  • "Therefore the whole self is not only the sum of the personality as you know it in your time, it is also the sum of what it has been and what it shall be." - Session 177
  • "Ruburt is the sum of the present ... Ruburt ... I want to get this as clear as possible ... Ruburt is the sum of the earthly personalities, intimately aware of all past lives." - Session 444
  • "In your terms the selves that are the sum of your reincarnational personalities. These whole selves then are a part of your entity." - Session 507
  • Entity
  • This is the highest form of identity that Seth speaks of next to "All That Is".
  • In NPR Seth says that a group of selves forms a soul. And the entity, or greater self, is then composed of souls (Session 637).