Seth Similarities

Bhagavan Das:

"For the first time I really understood how profound food is, and how susceptible it is to the vibrations around it. You're really not eating the food, you're eating the vibrations carried by the food. So it's important to be selective about what you eat and who cooks it."

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What Seth Says:

"Food is indeed sacred. Its preparation is more a psychic matter than a physical one. The preparer of food puts more into it than spices. A food can be contaminated, poisoned, by a cook, with no physical elements involved at all. When ten people are poisoned, for example, by a food, it is no coincidence, and more is involved that mayonnaise left in the sun. Ruburt's healing nature protects and enriches your meals, and this is an important and constant element in your well-being.

"In many households steady and small illnesses often result because the preparer of foods has an unhealthy psychic nature. These are often the carriers of disease."

The Early Sessions, Book 6, p.296