Seth Similarities

  • A Drug trip where the individual experienced probable selves.

    A fairly new psychedelic found in a legal plant called Salvia Divinorum has been giving our friends who explore consciousness through chemical means some interesting experiences.

    From the journals of D.M. Turner:

    "One of the most profound perceptions that I had was of seeing my life from millions of different angles. It seemed that the life I had led was like a drawing etched into the multi-dimensional fabric of space-time, every action I've taken and thought I have had forming a turn or a branch in this complex carving. What I experienced while in this state was millions of other possible lives of my person. For every decision I've made in life, a duplicate of myself is formed in nonexistence that chose the opposite of the decision I made. While in this bizarre state of mind, or non-existence, I was simultaneously experiencing these millions of alternate persona, and with vivid recollection of all that had transpired in their oppositely directed lives. And through these million persona I was staring into the face of the single line of existence I had chosen to pursue in life. "

    From this link: Drug Trip

    What Seth Says:

    "What is a probable self? According to Seth, each of us has counterparts in other systems of reality; not identical selves or twins, but other selves who are part of our entity, developing abilities in a different way that we are here." The Seth Material, p.195

    "The 'I' of our dreams can be legitimately compared to the self that experiences probable events. Let us consider the following. An individual finds himself with a choice of three actions. He chooses one and experiences it. The other two actions are experienced also, by the inner ego, but not in physical reality...There is a constant subconscious interchange of information between all layers of the whole self." The Seth Material, p.202-203

    "You are the judge and the final word in that regard, so that as your ideas change, as you move toward one probable self and decide upon that as your official self, you will always have a rich bank of probable actions to choose from." Session 697, p.165

    ...each system of reality is indeed surrounded by its probable realities, though any one of those 'probable realities' can be used as the hub, or core reality; in which case all of the others will then be seen as probable." Session 712, p.370

    "As your world becomes more complicated, in those terms, you increase the number of probable actions practically available." Session 741, p.638

    "Centuries ago, ordinary people did not have the opportunity to travel from one country to another with such rapidity. As space becomes 'smaller', your probabilities grow in complexity. Your consciousness handles far more space data now." Session 741, p.628

    Disclaimer: I do not promote the use of drugs but do consider the results of such experiences as the one described here to be a valid visit of an authentic non-physical realm.