Finding the center of yourself

Now, with all you have been told about the nature of personality, and of the many of which you are a part, it would now be a help if you could find the center of your larger self.

You can intuitively become aware to some extent of your own reincarnations, so that you feel a recognizable sense of familiarity. Now there is unity in all. You have been told that there is a point where all dimensions and systems of reality merge. Now the same is true of consciousness. You are a part of a larger self, an entity, and because you are there is a portion of you that has access to the knowledge of your entity.

All of it would not be translatable. Some of it would have no meaning for you, but much of this is accessible. There are ways of finding what I will call this center of yourself. It will give you direct experience with many concepts that we have been discussing. I will give you more reincarnational data on your own lives; as you travel to the center of yourself however you will feel and know your own pasts as directly as the circumstances permit.

More than this however, your abilities and your challenges will appear to you in a much clearer light, and uncluttered focus. The experience will deepen and reinforce your sense of individuality, and you will know for yourself that you are one in many, and yet many in one.

There are five steps. It is possible to cover all of them at once, or the process may take you some time. First however imagine your consciousness out of your body in its astral form. Next, feeling that you are in the astral form, tell yourself that from that image you will be able to see the image of the person that you were in your immediately past life.

I cannot tell you whether you will succeed at once, as you may, or whether you will find it difficult. You, Joseph, being proficient with images, may find it easier than Ruburt. Now when you feel that you have this new image of your past self before you, then imagine that your consciousness is moving from your astral form into this past self You should not do this until you see the whole form.

Before you see the whole form you may try to mentally communicate with it however, asking it questions. This is one approach. You may for example end up using this as the main method of communication between your present and your past one. Otherwise will your consciousness as mentioned earlier into the image, then ask yourself. Who am I? Where was I born? What memories are mine?

If you have succeeded here, then memories and images will flash through your mind in the same way that your present self would ordinarily recall its past.

Then, will yourself to return to your own astral image, then to your physical body. From here repeat to yourself what you have learned, and whatever data you have received, reminding yourself that this is also a part of your identity. This may be done very well imaginatively, in other stages of the process.

After you have managed to feel yourself above your body in your astral form, you again tell yourself to see the image of the same past self You may then imagine its image merging with your own, and its memories a part of your own consciousness. When you have succeeded, then still feeling yourself in the astral form, tell yourself that you will next see the image of the life before last: the image of the person you were, then repeat the other steps.

The whole exercise, or any part of it, must only be done in order to avail yourself of wisdom, so that you can use your own abilities to help yourself and others.

The purpose is very important, for when the purpose is a good one then it unites the other images about you and your purpose beneficially. It is part of the equation, as important as a plus sign rather than a minus sign, and as important to your results.

Various kinds of experiences may develop. You may request information concerning abilities for example, and hear your answer internally. You may instead feel the stirrings of memory, and experience yourself using abilities developed as a past personality. At any point in the exercise, for it can happen at any stage, you will suddenly feel the you of you, the center identity that runs through all the selves of which you have been part. You may also in a flash see glimpses of further realities that would be future to your present self.

According to the circumstances and your own condition, results can be amazingly rapid, or slow. You may try many times and then succeed... the methods are extremely important however, and should be definitely included in our material. There are also some variations on these that I will give you.

Those who try the exercises with wrong purposes will not succeed, for they will not have the proper equation, and it is the one part that cannot be given to them. Do you understand?

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