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...the imagination is waking manís connection with the universe of dreams.115189The Early Sessions, Book 3
The type of dream, or the types of dreams experienced by any individual, is determined by many factors. I am speaking now of the dream experience as it occurs, and not of the remnant of it that his ego allows him to consciously recall.115190The Early Sessions, Book 3
This electrical pattern is the personality, with all the experiences of its earthly time. It then can join or partake of the inner self In other words, though the ego was adopted originally by the inner self, and was a product of physical heredity and environment, it does not die; but its existence is changed from physical reality into electrical reality. It is still individual. No individuality is lost, but it becomes a part of the inner self, and its experiences are added to the total experience of the many personalities that have composed the inner self In the composition and buildup of the personality, you can easily see that dreams, thoughts, emotions and psychological experiences are far more important than any mere physical data. To the personality a joy or a sorrow is far more actual than a table or a chair.126235The Early Sessions, Book 3
When the ego gives up its hold upon what it considers control of action, then as in dreams almost any action is possible. And when the ego gives up its claim of space in a dream, all space is available.138284The Early Sessions, Book 3
A particularly vivid dream is every bit as real to the inner self as a vivid psychological experience that occurs within the waking state. It is important here that we realize that as far as the basic self is concerned no distinctions are made in this respect. The personality creates its dreams; the dreams are then experienced. The experience is indelibly recorded, and then changes the personality, again, in the same manner that any experience would.173164The Early Sessions, Book 4
I would suggest that you tell yourselves that you will henceforth be able to remember dreams from the deeper levels of your personality, and you should find that you will be able to do so. You can also tell yourselves when you wish that you will give special attention to the nature of time and space, as these appear within your dreams. You will discover then upon awakening that many perceptions concerning time and space within the dream state will remain within you.174171The Early Sessions, Book 4
The eye movements noted in the beginning of REM sleep are only indications of dream activity that is closely connected to the physical layers of the self. These periods mark not the onset of dreams, but the return of the personality from deeper layers of dream awareness to more surface areas.194296The Early Sessions, Book 4
Suggestion can shape dreams, and the dreams themselves then operate as action. A strong dream can be a more significant psychic action than any physical experience, and it can change the course of the personality completely. The inner senses will also react to suggestion. If you suggest that you become more aware of their activities, then so you shall.202 28The Early Sessions, Book 5
You have many more than five dreams a night, however. I believe Ruburtís top number of recalled dreams for one night was thirteen.20660The Early Sessions, Book 5
The present within which you seem to experience the dream is not, however, the present in physical time, the present in which your body lies upon the bed...It should be obvious to you also that within your dreams a spatial location that belongs in present physical time can be experienced in the past or in the future within the dream framework, and there is much more here than meets the eye; and you must be careful so that you catch it. What you do with it will be up to you.21187The Early Sessions, Book 5
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