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When he is operating at his best he remembers his dreams very easily, and this can be a guide point for you both.234292The Early Sessions, Book 5
If you would have some idea of what the probable universe system is like, then examine your own dreams, looking for those events which do not have any strong resemblance to physical events in your own conscious existence. Look for dream individuals with whom you are not acquainted in your waking life. Look for landscapes that appear bizarre or alien, for all of these exist somewhere.235302The Early Sessions, Book 5
A survival personality is many respects is psychologically much different from the individual that he was. The ego is now under the control of what may be loosely called the inner self. When communications take place between a survival personality and a personality who exists within the physical system, then this involves a reshuffling, again, on the part of the survival personality, where the ego is momentarily given greater reign. There is the same sort of disorientation that the ego experiences within physical reality when an individual dreams... The survival personality therefore momentarily inserts his ego in its old position.24222The Early Sessions, Book 6
I am still waiting for the day when you become aware of your own dreams while you are awake, and conscious at the same time, fully, of your physical environment, and able to operate normally at the same time in the physical universe.24666The Early Sessions, Book 6
They occur (certain dreams), comparatively speaking, just above that layer which Jung refers to as the collective unconscious. If you could perceive these dreams then you would have a good idea of the main physical events of the future, because you would see them being born.253116The Early Sessions, Book 6
There were some notes I wanted to give you concerning dreams in which you feel certain that you are awake. When these dreams are unusually vivid, then the ego is aware of participating. The ego is not using its critical faculties however as a general rule.269252The Early Sessions, Book 6
It is the prime identity of the whole present personality. In many cases it is the I of your dreams. It is definitely the I of your creative activity. It is the I, you see, which survives physical existence, and the physical, physically-oriented ego is only a part of it.270258The Early Sessions, Book 6
The inner ego is the part of the personality that contains the highest aspirations and capabilities. It has been called by psychologists the subliminal self. When in such dreams your perceptions seem exceedingly clear, you can be certain that the inner ego is operating. Now all portions of the personality, of the present personality, belong to this inner ego.270258The Early Sessions, Book 6
I suggest a more thorough examination of your dreams here, for many of them contain such spontaneous projections. They are most apt to occur in the early hours, between 3 ands 5 A.M. The body temperature drops at such times. Five in the afternoon is also beneficial from this standpoint. The drinking of pure water also facilitates projection, although for obvious reasons the bladder must be empty. The north-south position is extremely important in this context, and indeed a necessity for any efficient dream records. The reasoning part of the brain can work most efficiently along with the intuitive portions of the self when the physical organism is in that position.274280The Early Sessions, Book 6
Your waking consciousness only participates in projections as a rule when you are in a period of high vitality, and exceptional health. On occasion the waking consciousness does participate during other usually very depressed periods. But generally speaking high energy is needed in order to maintain overall stability, and in order that the ego is not overstrained ...It is the same with the conscious retention of dreams in general. You are indeed exercising what amounts to an added ability.277304The Early Sessions, Book 6
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