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Now the dreams that you would have, and had, in shared experience are root dreams. Such root dreams serve as a method of maintaining inner identity, and of communication.28213The Early Sessions, Book 7
Identity is no longer limited to the outer ego alone. The outer ego is now familiar with the whole self, or the entire identity, and has available to it strength of which it was not previously aware. In periods of exuberance, when you are working well, and your health is extraordinarily good, when you are able to remember and manipulate your dreams, then such periods are signs of the emergence of this new consciousness.28318The Early Sessions, Book 7
There are root dreams that represent basic inner experiences. Initially no images are involved. If you remember the dreams, you remember them with images however. Flying dreams are an example here. They are not symbolic of anything, basically speaking. They represent direct experience.28644The Early Sessions, Book 7
Falling dreams also belong to the root dream category. They also represent direct experience, as the inner self once more reenters the physical body.28645The Early Sessions, Book 7
Past life dreams are root dreams.28645The Early Sessions, Book 7
Within the dream state all mankind knows the outcome of any given dilemma. No predestination is involved. The problems have already been worked out in a mental or psychic level, but not yet physically materialized. Precognitive dreams therefore are precognitive only in line with your own accepted root assumptions. Decisions have already been made, but have not yet caught up to you within the physical system.28646The Early Sessions, Book 7
You do not feel guilty for those you kill in your dreams. You do not feel that your dream existence is useless, hopeless or beyond redemption, and it seldom occurs to you to think of your dream existence in such a manner.446136The Early Sessions, Book 9
In psychological time therefore it is at least possible that you can have some experience with other methods when you close off habitual methods of perception. The ego is firmly attached to the use of the physical senses, however. In the dream state there can also be other methods at least slightly experienced. In deeper dreams and fairly unusual projections, you can and do leave your own system entirely. Even though you are out of your physical body however, you will attempt to translate experience with its learned patterns rather than switching into the inner senses. This is why many such experiences, even if recalled, seem chaotic and without meaning.467260The Early Sessions, Book 9
At certain depths of sleep, however, the soulís perception operates relatively unhampered. You drink, so to speak, from the pure well of perception. You communicate with the depths of your own being, and the source of your creativity. These experiences, not being translated physically, do not remain in the morning. You do not remember them as dreams. Dreams, however, may later the same evening be formed from the information gained during what I will call the depth experience.52881Seth Speaks
Most dreams are like animated postcards brought back from a journey that you have returned from and largely forgotten. Your consciousness is already oriented again to physical reality; the dream, an attempt to translate the deeper experience into recognizable forms. The images within the dream are also highly coded, and are signals for underlying events that are basically not decipherable.570248Seth Speaks
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