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To follow yourself into your own dreams is a fascinating endeavor, and there in the dream context you can become aware of the working of your own consciousness. To do so you must believe in the integrity of your own being.671393The Nature of Personal Reality
But every self is also a part of its own greater being, a part of the energy from which it continually comes. In dreams your energy pulsates back toward the being that you are. In a manner of speaking, you travel back and forth each night through atmospheres and entry points of which you are not aware. In your sleep you do indeed travel, again, those vast distances between birth and death. Your consciousness as you think of it transcends these leaps and holds its own sense of continuity. All of this has to do with the pulsations of energy and consciousness, and in one way what you think of as your life is the apparent length of a light ray seen from another perspective.672398The Nature of Personal Reality
Request the answer to any problem and it will be given, but you must trust yourself and learn to interpret your own dreams. There is no other way to do this except by beginning yourself and working with your own dreams, for this will awaken your intuitive abilities and give you the knowledge that you need.672399The Nature of Personal Reality
On an unconscious level you are aware of your probable selves, and they of you. You share the same psychic roots, and your joint yet separate dreams are available to all of you.68782The Unknown Reality, Volume 1
In a way, one remembered dream can be compared to a psychological photograph, one picture that is not physically materialized, not frozen motion, not framed by either space or time; therefore many of those ingredients appear that are necessarily left out of any given moment of waking conscious activity. A remembered dream is a product of several things, but often it is your conscious interpretation of events that initially may have been quite different from your memory of them. To that extent the dream that you remember is a snapshot of a larger event, taken by your conscious mind. There are many kinds or varieties of dreams, some more and some less faithful to your memories of them - but as you remember a dream you automatically snatch certain portions of subjective events away from others, and try to frame these in place and time in ways that will made sense to your usual orientation. . It will help if now and then you imaginatively think of vivid dream imagery as if it appeared in a photograph instead. As during your lifetime you collect a series of photographs of yourself, taken in various times and places, so in the dreaming state you collect subjective photographs of a different kind.699175The Unknown Reality, Volume 1
In dreams you take many subjective photographs and decide which ones among them you want to materialize in time. To a certain extent, therefore, the dreams are blueprints for your later snapshots.699178The Unknown Reality, Volume 1
There are levels within dreams, highly pertinent but mainly personal, in that they reflect your own private intents and purposes. There are other levels, further away in your terms, that involve mass behavior on a psychic level, where together the inhabitants of the physical world plan out future events. Here probabilities are recognized and utilized. Symbolism is used. There is such an interweaving of intent that this is difficult to explain. Private desires here are magnified as they are felt by others, or minimized accordingly, so that in the overall, large general plans are made having to do with the species at any given time.710323The Unknown Reality, Volume 2
In almost all instances, demons in dreams represent the dreamerís belief in evil, instantly materialized.710351The Unknown Reality, Volume 2
Using your dream camera, you can with practice discover the history of your own psyche, and find the many probable decisions experienced in dreams.720429The Unknown Reality, Volume 2
Now: If you are honest with your thoughts and feelings, then you WILL express them in your waking life, and they will not cast disturbing shadows in your dreams.720431The Unknown Reality, Volume 2
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