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when you awaken, you try to squeeze the psycheís language into terms of definition. You imagine that language and images are two different things, so you try to put them together. In dreams, however, you use the true ancient language of your being75518The Nature of the Psyche
When you are dealing with nominal waking reality, you are operating at one level of the many that are native to your psyche. When you are dreaming, from your viewpoint you are entering other levels of reality quite as native to your psyche, but usually you are still experiencing those events through your current waking station. The dreams that you remember are colored or altered or even censored to a certain extent. There is no inherent psychological or biological necessity for this. Your ideas and beliefs, however, about the nature of reality, and sanity, have resulted in such a schism.75620The Nature of the Psyche
In dreams you are so 'dumb' that you believe there is a commerce between the living and the dead. You are so 'irrational' as to imagine that you sometimes speak to parents who are dead. You are so 'unrealistic' that it seems to you that you visit old houses, long ago torn down, or that you travel in exotic foreign cities that you have actually never visited.
In dreams you are so 'insane' you do not feel yourself locked in a closet of time and space, but feel instead as if all infinity but waited your beckoning.
75825The Nature of the Psyche
Because you tie your experience so directly to time, you rarely allow yourselves any experiences, except in dreams, that seem to defy it.76234The Nature of the Psyche
The kind of knowledge upon which you depend needs verbalization. It is very difficult for you to consider the accumulation of any kind of knowledge without the use of language as you understand it. Even your remembered dreams are often verbalized constructs.76339The Nature of the Psyche
Those remembered dreams have meaning and are very valuable, but they are already organized for you to some extent, and put into a shape that you can somewhat recognize.76339The Nature of the Psyche
The different modes of consciousness with which I hope to acquaint you are not alien, however. They are quite native, again, in dreams states, and are always present as alternatives beneath usual awareness.76347The Nature of the Psyche
Dreams serve as dramas transferring experience from one level of the psyche to another.782119The Nature of the Psyche
Dreams are a language of the psyche, in which manís nature merges in time and out of it. He has sense experiences. He runs, though he lies in bed. He shouts, though no word is spoken. He still has the language of the flesh, and yet that language is only opaquely connected with the bodyís mechanisms. He deals with events, yet they do not happen in his bedroom, or necessarily in any place that he can find upon awakening.783126The Nature of the Psyche
In dreams you find the unspoken sentence and the physically unexperienced act. The skeletons of the inner workings of events are there more obvious. Actions are not yet fully fleshed out. The mechanics of your waking psychological behavior are brilliantly delineated. That state can be explored and utilized far more fully than it is, and should be.785131The Nature of the Psyche
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