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Again, you speak a sentence truly so that the end of it comes smoothly though when you begin it you not have known consciously what you were going to say. Some part of you knew the sentences beginning and end at once, however. In dreams you know the beginning and end of events in the same fashion.785131The Nature of the Psyche
In the dream state, with your body more or less safe and at rest, and without the necessity for precise action, these psychological intrusions become more apparent. Many of your dreams are like the tail end of a meteor. Their real life is over, and you see the flash of their disappearance as they strike your own mental atmosphere and explode in a spark of dream images.786135The Nature of the Psyche
Dreams often seem chaotic because your point of reference is too small to contain the added dimensions of actuality. When you are viewing a war in a newscast, however, you are still not watching people die. You are watching symbols translated into images that are then visually perceived. The images stand for the people, but they are not the people. The symbols carry the message, but they are not event they depict. Some of your dreams are like newspaper stories, informing you of events that have happened in other portions of the psyche. Others are like the televised news picture, carrying perhaps more information about the event but still not containing it.786138The Nature of the Psyche
Dreams often present you with what seems to be an ambiguity, an opaqueness, since they lack the immediate impact of psychological activity with space and time.786138The Nature of the Psyche
and the dreams of unborn children and their mothers often merge. The dreams of those about to die often involve dream structures that already prepare them for future existence. In fact towards death a great dream acceleration is involved as new probabilities are considered -- a dream acceleration that provides psychic impetus for new birth.786139The Nature of the Psyche
Dreams are the mindís free play.786140The Nature of the Psyche
There are structured dreams as there are structured games in waking life. There are mass dreams attended by many. There are themes, both mass and private, that serve as a basis or framework. Yet overall, the mindís spontaneous activity continues because it enjoys its own activities.786140The Nature of the Psyche
Dreams are primarily events, of course. Their importance to you lies precisely in the similarities and differences that characterize them in contrast to waking events.787141The Nature of the Psyche
These significances set up their own codes, then, so that physical events must be coded in a certain fashion, and dreams in another. There is, then, what can be called a predream state, or a state of experience from which the dream will be formed. Such experience will carry a different kind of code, further divorcing it from that acceptable intersection with bodily activity, space, and time.788 149The Nature of the Psyche
In dreams you may find yourself married to someone else, or living an entirely different kind of life. In a way dreams are like variations of the theme of your life, though in reality your life is the theme you have chosen from those possible versions.788 149The Nature of the Psyche
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