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Here (the predream state) the physical aspects of events largely vanish, comparatively speaking, the farther away you go from the dream state into inner reality. It would seem to you that experience becomes broader but less specific, but such is not the case. Experience does become broader, but it changes in quality so that, for example, one moment in your terms of such experience would provide the working material for five years of dreams.788 149The Nature of the Psyche
In the pre-dream state you participate in such organizations, although you bring back home to your physical self - in the form of dreams - only data that can be recognized and used in physical terms. It is highly important to remember that your experience and knowledge grow at those other levels of actuality.789152The Nature of the Psyche
On the one hand they represent other events of the pre-dream state, events beyond your comprehension in their natural condition. Such events are not lost, however, but translated into dreams as your own consciousness returns closer to its home base.789153The Nature of the Psyche
Those psychological structures are also great energy activators, and as such are important initiators of events. They are seldom if ever physically materialized. Yet they are very responsive to the psychic needs of the people, and so they appear at various times in history with certain messages, in the scene way that certain dreams might reoccur in a private mind.790159The Nature of the Psyche
In the same way, a steps-by-step illustration of the nature of the dream state might well make you too self-conscious. (Humorously:) You would begin to question: Am I dreaming right? Many people are in awe of their dreams. They are afraid anything they do not consciously control. Yet if you think of your dreams as extensions of your own experience in another context, then you can indeed learn?? to gain ease with them. You will recall them more easily, and as you do you will be able to maintain a sense of continuity between the waking and dream states.790160The Nature of the Psyche
Dreams, then, are deeply involved with the learning processes.791166The Nature of the Psyche
Your dreams are also uniquely yours, yet they happen within a shared context, an environment in which the dreams of the world occur.792169The Nature of the Psyche
Cellular consciousness at its own level then forms a body dream. These do not involve pictures or words, but are rather like the formations of electromagnetic intent, anticipating action to be taken, and these may serve as Initiators of therapeutic dreams, In which higher levels of consciousness are psychologically made aware of certain conditions.794184The Nature of the Psyche
Without dreaming there would be no learning, nor would there be memory. Events are processed in dreams, put in the necessary perspective, sorted and arranged.795190The Nature of the Psyche
On some occasions long-term illnesses, for instance, are resolved suddenly through a dream. However, in most cases dreams prevent such chronic illnesses, providing through small therapeutics a constant series of minor but important personal revelations.796194The Nature of the Psyche
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