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...the physical universe itself is a conglomeration of diverse individualistic symbols, none of which means precisely the same thing to any two individuals, and in which even so called basic qualities like color and placement in space cannot be relied upon. You merely focus upon similarities. Telepathy could be called the glue that holds the physical universe in precarious position, so that you can agree on the existence and properties of objects.183The Seth Material
As telepathy operates constantly at a subconscious level, as a basis for all language and communication, so clairvoyance operates continually so that the physical organism can prepare itself to face its challenges.4417The Early Sessions, Book 2
Hypnotism will become more and more a tool of scientific investigation. Telepathy will be proven without a doubt, and utilized, sadly enough in the beginning, for purposes of war and intrigue. Nevertheless telepathy will enable your race to make its first contact with alien intelligence.4521The Early Sessions, Book 2
Telepathy accounts for the usefulness of spoken language. Without telepathy no language would be intelligible.57119The Early Sessions, Book 2
Secondary physical constructions are those created by a consciousness of its conception of other consciousnesses, from data received through telepathy and other means.71240The Early Sessions, Book 2
Basically there is no difference between precognition and telepathy. The apparent difference is the result of an inadequate understanding of the nature of time.2403The Early Sessions, Book 6
Because of other procedures I have explained, including the existence of constant telepathy, there is some agreement as to the placement of these objects, or if Ruburt prefers, locations, in space. Now this gives rise to what you may call mass-perception... When you are dealing with dream locations, you are not dealing with mass-perceptions, but with personal perceptions. There is no need therefore for any complicated arrangements calculated to insure agreement between persons as to location in space.24445The Early Sessions, Book 6
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