Random Seth Quote

"There are several major root assumptions and many minor ones.
  • One: Energy and action are basically the same, although neither must necessarily apply to physical motion.
  • Two: All objects have their origin basically in mental action. Mental action is directed psychic energy.
  • Three: Permanence is not a matter of time. Existence has value in terms of intensities.
  • Objects - this is four - are blocks of energy perceived in a highly specialized manner.
  • Five: Stability in time-sequence is not a prerequisite requirement for an object, except as a root assumption within the physical universe.
  • Six: Space as a barrier does not exist.
  • Seven: The spacious present is here more available to the perceptions.
  • Eight: The only barriers within inner reality are mental barriers, or psychic barriers. "

    The Early Sessions, Book 7
    Session 284, Page 27